cnc stone carving art border relief

سردرب سنگی و حاشیه طرح دار دور قاب درب و تزئینات سنگی روی سنگ تراورتن برای رستوران سنتی در پیروزی خیابان نبرد


The cornice margins in buildings have many uses

We tried to make a difference in the architectural beauty of its architecture by designing the border

We then put the margins into two categories of prominent and simple margins, each with their own usage

Patterned margins of varying sizes from 10cm upwards placed on site The price offered for the designated margins is based on the meter length of travertine stone, although all designs are applicable to all types of marble. And travertine and in different sizes according to consumer needs

Highlighted margin designs from architectural catalogs and facade decorations are tastefully selected and executed on appropriate stones

Other varied designs are also customized by architects and designers

At the same time, the design cost is free for buyers of products

Stone headboard and framed round door frame and stone ornamentation on travertine stone for traditional cnc marble carving art _


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