We have all the client’s requirements in the field of building facades including round or quadrilateral columns, petals inside columns, stone columns and door heads with stone or roman petals or Islamic ornaments and stone inscriptions and verses as well as stone tablets We have seen in the facade or the stone wall and fence. We have tried to increase the quality and attract customer’s attention by up-to-date cnc and waterjet devices. Inside the building for the lobby floor or the hall as a puzzle and carpet arrangement by the machine. We offer beautiful and innovative designs for the kitchen. Jam and Sugar bowl or pot stone Aym.amydvarm mirth provide products that are offered to attract audience

marble and onyx medallion from natural stone by waterjet cnc

Mosaic stone and medallion and cut the porcelain ceramic and  stone flooring, lobby, scaffolding and elevator floor
Made from natural marble and marble and travertine stones and slabs of foreign and Iranian stone
Worked on the floor of the lounge or in the ceramic wall and diaphragm ceramic waterjet cutter made by waterjet and cnc devices cnc, Marble floor, marble waterjet, porcelain waterjet, stone medallion

معرق سنگ واترجت
island kitchen and countertops cabinets

Make your kitchen more beautiful with Stone Island

Dining table outside the kitchen and next to Stone Island!

A stone island in the kitchen can provide a lot of comfort in the home. The island saves money and increases the value of your home by making better use of your space. An island can become a family-centered community center, which is a fun place for nightlife – all-round versatility can be enjoyable. Designers and architects today call the kitchen “home heart” and here’s how we can use an island in your kitchen

سنگ کابینت
cnc stone arch decorative door frame stonecarving

The first step is to run a beautiful ornate façade with prominent, symbolic flowers and ornaments for the entrance door of your home or garden and the mansion’s 3D design and calculate the exact dimensions of the façade.
The next step is to initialize the 3D design of natural stone materials such as marble or marble or travertine or sandstone and simulate the design on a material basis to obtain a true rendering of the finished product.
The third step is to run the exact cnc machines
It will only be flawless if the initial design is correct and flawless.
Finally, in order to beautify the product and to adorn it, the cnc machine-operated petals must be polished by hand and polishing tools to have a polished stone and a durable finish

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cnc سنگ گلبرگ
marble & onyx cup pots flowers vases candlestick and plate stone

Stone containers consist of marble or porcelain carved stone products that are mostly decorative and decorative for home use.

These containers include cherry cups and stone thistle, chocolates and sugar bowls, round tea containers, and stone cans.

These dishes are also produced in combination with copper or rice

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ظرف ستگی
corbel and column stones architecture carved decorative capital

Stone facade decorations are made of columns and column heads made of natural stone suitable for Roman and classical facades. The use of artificial stone columns and cement-based plastics with prefabricated stone is not recommended for exterior facade problems due to the discoloration and properties of the artificial stone. Types of stone fences for balconies, terraces and staircases in round and quadrilateral form with stone cap are often made of travertine. Sub-pillar and column head skin tools are hand-crafted with fine polish and quality. Column cutting by wire cutting machine is done in two pieces. Round stone and simple stone pillars Round stone windows and petals The margins of the columns are used for stone facades of single storey villas or residential towers.

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سرستون سنگی
decorative & artistic design 3d model .3d objects. Relief. Stl

Download 3D decorative products such as railing , columns, column heads pillar , crowns, pastes, mirror frames, boards and figures, inscriptions, leaves and decor

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