waterjet stone medallion modern marble floor


Stone mosaic for stone carpet flooring, elevator cabin, lobby, passage, shopping malls and mosaic puzzle and mosaic stone slabs one piece by CNC & Waterjet puzzle & carpet layout
Salon mosaic application is the same for different types of floor and flower designs for different types of granite, marble, travertine and ceramic.
Cnc Stone.
Mosaic floor stone and its types
The building stone mosaic is made in several ways
The first method is to manually cut the pattern with rice or bronze on the canvas or under stone.
Cutting stones with a thickness of 7 millimeters are made by benchmarking and placed into patterns arranged with bronze.
After gluing the finished work to the sub-pot and finish the sub-stage of the whole work.
Another type of construction is made by cnc or waterjet machines that are modeled and cut by the machine and the type of workflow changed in an industrial way.
In industrial methods, due to the fact that it is performed by the device, the quality of work has been tried to be higher, but as professional and experienced workmanships are currently employed in this field, the type of workmanship is high quality and competitive with the machine. is .
Rock mosaic prices
The price of stone diaphragm usually depends on different parameters such as the choice of stone and the layout and size of the diaphragm.
For example, if the customer chooses to use imported stones such as Emperor Dark or Emperor Light, it will affect the price of the product due to rising dollar prices and rising prices for imported stones.
But the consumption of Iranian stones, given that Iran has a variety of ornamental and colored stones of varying quality, makes the product in a more stable and balanced price range.
Another parameter is the choice of stone
Customers can choose from a crowded 2m wide variety of crowded designs that increase the detail and time spent executing details, or a single layered floral design. For the floor of your home or building
Of course, the choice of design depends on the customer’s taste, but any choice involves its own costs.
Another parameter is the size of the rock
Usually the sizes of 60, 80, and 1 m stones are more economical choices because these sizes are more general and most factories are scouring the stone floor of the building in this area.
You can use multiple sizes of general sizes to fit the price of a large product
For example, a second or 1.6m in size
This also makes transportation easier and less risky when installing stone.
But the large size and one piece have to be cut out of the slabs, which is the cost of the customer to throw out the slabs.
It is recommended to order the mosaic from the stone that you work on the floor with the same color and the same size. Delivers customer seam. And in addition to choosing a large-size mosaic and a bargain price, you have used the stone slab of your building floor to make your work more beautifully coordinated.
Mosaic stone layout
As mentioned above, the stone mosaic is either a puzzle or a carpet made from a combination of smaller basement stones, a large-scale mosaic, or made from a large-size slab as a piece of mosaic product.
These two methods make a difference in the execution of the diagonal, the price, the way of installation, which is mentioned in the above description.
Mosaic stone designs
Nowadays it is easy to choose from a variety of pre-executed designs or seen in catalogs or sites.
Sometimes our clients design to suit their taste, space and environment.
Mosaic designs can be a variety of star designs or Shams or Islamic and Iranian petals. Also, a variety of exterior designs can be made available on foreign sites.


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